Reform Body Pilates

Matworks & Reformer Pilates


Matwork sessions held Tuesday evenings 6.55pm and 8pm and Friday mornings 9.45am – working in a group of between 15-20 people through a series of instructed exercises.


Reformer Pilates is held at Emma’s cabin in Rayleigh, this is where individual attention is given to the client, use of equipment can make the exercises more unique to the person having the session. 


The apparatus being Reformer/ Cadillac, spine barrel, Wunda chair and on the mat will be done with you to get the best results from each exercise through the Pilates principles as you transition from basic to intermediate and advanced routines.  Your strength and skill level increases, so will the challenges in your workouts. Each 45 minute or 1-hour session will address the specific needs that your body requires to maximize your results through the Pilates method.